Student Support Services


Student Support Services

Student Support Services (SSS) is a department of our school that supports inclusive education and looks at supporting students either academically, emotionally, socially or behaviourally. Inclusive education means that every day in every classroom, every student is learning and achieving in a safe, supportive and inclusive learning environment.

Everyone succeeding. Everyone is welcome is the shared vision of Queensland state schools. This strategy underpins regional and school planning to ensure every student receives the support needed to belong to the school community, engage purposefully in learning and experience academic success.


The Student Support Services unit creates an accessible learning environment that enables the full participation of all students as well as catering for individual needs. It provides a calm, supportive environment for students to learn, self-regulate and re-set to allow continued success. 


SSS case manage students and provide intervention where required. This department works with students with disabilities, gifted and talented students and students who require significant support in the area of social and emotional development.


As part of the SSS we have a school Guidance Officer, Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist and regional support services including behaviour and mental health advisors.  


One of the significant features of the SSS department a successful program at Carole Park SS is our community connections with third party agencies. For a number of years we have worked alongside Mission Australia, The Salvation Army at Forest Lake and with the Ellen Grove 2020 collective action group to support students and families enrolled at our school. These third party partnerships allows our school to address a holistic support system for our students.


Every year SSS works with Queensland Health, universities and health agencies to provide hearing and vision screeners in the early years and as of last year we conducted a dental health program that was led by Queensland Health. 


Our school chaplain is part of our SSS team. Our chaplain provides our students and school community a trusted person that they can connect with for support. For further information, refer to the support services link on the website and click on Chaplaincy.


All students that are part of any of our SSS programs work towards achieving individual goals that focus on the student having success in the area of required development. Our school is currently working with the Berry Street Education Model. This model reflects our schools approach to foster and environment of understanding for each child and provide them with an environment that allows children to be 'ready to learn'.  

Last reviewed 21 August 2020
Last updated 21 August 2020