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Rules and policies

School behaviour policy

There are consistently high expectations placed upon our students to do the best they can. We consider the 'School Wide Positive Behaviour System' framework to be the organisational tool under which we can maximise social and academic successful learning across the school.

Our school's responsible behaviour plan for students outlines our systems for facilitating positive behaviours, preventing problem behaviour and responding to unacceptable behaviours. Through our school vision expectations for social and academic behaviours are explicit, assisting Carole Park State School to create and maintain a positive and productive learning and teaching environment. All school community members have a clear and consistent understanding of their expectations and role in the educational process.

Our school community has identified the following three expectations to teach and promote our high standards of responsible behaviour to all students.

These are Care, Courage and Commitment.

  • Caring at Carole Park SS means that you care for your environment, yourselves and others, and your belongings.

  • Courageous at Carole Park SS means that you stand up for your right and others’ rights to learn and play in a safe environment.

  • Committed at Carole Park SS means that you are committed to your learning and contributing to a productive learning environment.

Our school rules have been agreed upon and endorsed by all staff and our school P&C. They are aligned with the values, principles and expected standards outlined in Education Queensland’s Code of School Behaviour.

Our behaviour learning strategy uses a range of both proactive and reactive interventions, as well as whole group and individualized strategies, to achieve important social and learning outcomes while preventing problem behaviour with students.

The underpinning belief that students are responsible for their own learning and behaviour is strengthened and supported by the belief that the school’s role is to support the development of responsible thinking in students. An outcome of this would be their decision to choose acceptable behaviour over unacceptable behaviour.

We actively create a supportive environment through our practices of:

  • intrinsic/extrinsic reward systems

  • appropriate environmental adjustments

  • onsistent and fair management of inappropriate behaviouronsistent and fair management of inappropriate behaviour.

We believe when this learning happens it is vital to:

  • celebrate diversity and recognise everyone has skills and strengths to contribute

  • differentiate and meet the needs of students not only academically but behaviourally and social emotionally.